Silly Specs

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Group Efforts


War of the Rose

•• Sequel (and conclusion) to The Infidel

The Five Seasons Saga

Unfinished sequel to War of the Rose

William's Revenge

Last in the chain started with The Infidel

The Unholy Roman Armandian Church - The Dora War

TURAC - Gathering the Faithful

TURAC - The Heretic War

TURAC - The New Regime

Artemis and Addie

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Auden, The Thing & Cindy

All My Vampires (or) The Nights of Our Lives

Mindi and Erika

Tall, Dark and Bloody

Wicca and Black Emeralds

Vampire's Impossible

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Single Authors

Adrianne P

Top Ten Lists

Amanda R

Le Goes to Prison

Le, Lo, Ar, Dan, Other | MtD | PG

There are so many plot twists that I cannot describe the story as a whole.

Just read it and find out. ^_^


Job Application

Andrew Nellis

There are Worse Things Than Mere Evil


A Vampire's Night Out

Armand Charpentier

Interview with the Earthman

••Crossover (Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy)


Interview with the Movie-Watching Vampires


Discipline and Punishment

In the Closet


Bloody Talk

Le, Lo | IwtV | PG

Welcome to Bloody Talk, with your host, Lo de P nt du L c.

Le Forever

Le, Dav, Mar, Ar, Lo | TotBT | PG | Crossover (Batman)

Billionaire playboy Le de L nc rt of New Orleans has a secret...

Le Returns

Le, Dav, Lo, Mar | TotBT | PG | Crossover (Batman)

Le's night out with Lo is threatened by the return of some dreaded villains.

Lo Forever

Le, Lo, Dan | TotBT | PG | Crossover (Batman)

Billionaire playboy Le (tm) has been kidnapped

and it's up to Catman to save the day.

Oliver Stone's M mn ch the Devil

Le in the Hat

Lo, Le, Cl, Ar | IwtV | PG

What if Dr. Seuss wrote the Chronicles?

VampChron/MST3K: Business Guide

Le, Lo, Ar, Dan | PG13

The vampires sit down to dish out some well deserved abuse upon

unsuspecting trolls.

VampChron/MST3K: Fast Cash

VampChron/MST3K: Ronk

VampChron/MST3K: The Credit Firm

VampChron/MST3K: Make Money Fast

VampChron/MST3K: Safer Driving

Vampchron/MST3K: 200,000 Email Addresses

VampChron/MST3K: Anne's Answering Machine

Carolyn Vieira

Le and Lo' Getaway Weekend for Two

Cathy c

Vamp News at Four AM Featuring Le!

In Defense of Murder

Cheryl Suzuki

At the Movies with Le and Lo

Colleen Surek

Tuesday Night Music Club


Little Known Facts About Le and Lo


Lo Goes Groupie

Father of Lies

A Fractured Bedtime Story

Frank Yao

Enquirer's IwtV

Gemma Davies

Santa "Le" Claus

Hillary Meister

French Kiss

JoAnne Soper-Cook

Alternatives to Grunge

New V@mpCh®on Scenarios

Lo and Le at Blockbuster Video

Lo and Le at K-Mart

The Vampire LeFat


Mater Character Application


Switching Channels

Le x Lo, Ar x Dan, Mar, Dav | TotBT | R

Dav's attempt at a love spell goes hysterically wrong.

Kelly Aldred

Marital Bliss


Reality TV

Vampire Answering Machine Texts

Wandering Minds


Affirmative Action

Mother's Day


The Slumber Party

Mysterious Stranger

Bad Habits

Lo, Dav, Le | TotBT | PG

A brief squabble decides the king of bad habits.


Santino Goes Shopping


The Life of Le


The Vampire Connection

'Tis the Season to be Silly

Vampires Never Stop Talking About Sex

Victoria Centanni

The Late Show with the Vampire Le!

Wes Johnson

I, of Ar's Pizzaria

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