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Sublime Requiem
Dany & Dany

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Winter Wonderland by Endymion K
Lestat lures Louis into a snowball fight.

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another life by blahblah24 T
Lestat and louis got into a fight and broke but what lestat doesn't know is...

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The Fan Art Gallery seems to have imploded during our absence. Unfortunately, everything was lost. For the moment, it's been disabled until we can find the time to work on it. When and if it comes back, it will be starting from scratch and you may need a separate login for it, if bridging it with the Archive becomes an impossible task.

Is this a feature you enjoyed and would like to see active again?

by Admin on October 12, 2020 01:58 pm


Well, I love the Fan Art Gallery! No wonder, eh? XD I would like to see active again! Pleeeeeease

Laertis @ October 13, 2020 04:46 am

Please activate the Fan Art Gallery!

Faedren Targaryen @ February 09, 2022 02:53 am

Im still waiting for the art gallery ^^

And yes, of course Im still here

Laertis @ October 22, 2022 10:39 am