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Hear No Evil See No Evil by Hannurdock MA
After a comet wipes away human life, Lestat remains.

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Vampires Can't Resist It by Laviniaspeaks M
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Welcome to the Forbidden Archive

The stories you will find here have been collected over the past twenty years. A special thanks goes out to Black Rose for originally compiling them and to Mevinan for keeping them safe for so long. Thank you as well, to those who have helped with editing and formatting. The original archive is not here in its entirety yet, but more fics will be added in the future.

Stories can only be viewed by registered members, so you will need to create an account in order to read what has been posted here or share your own.


IWTV TV Series

We hope everyone is enjoying the premiere of Season 2 today! Just a reminder that The Forbidden Archive welcomes book, film, stage production and television series fics (and soon artwork as well). We appreciate fan works of all kinds.

by Admin on May 12, 2024 06:19 pm


Social Media

The beginning of our 2024 social media presence, as promised. We’ll be posting quotes, fic reviews, fan art and more. Come say hello!

Facebook: The Forbidden Archive

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by Admin on May 07, 2024 09:31 pm


2024 Plans

So, who's still here? Comment if you're still reading this so we know you're all alive and well.

We're back and we have some exciting new plans for 2024! This spring/summer we will be re-opening the Fan Art Gallery, opening up a forum where writers and fic readers can share thoughts and inspire one another, and creating a social media presence on more than just Livejournal. That's right, The Forbidden Archive will be on X, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram and more. We'd like to be more accessible to old and new fans alike. We will be making announcements here as we get things up and running.

For now, feel free to read our updated description on

by Admin on May 05, 2024 10:29 pm